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Can Jesus Heal Me?

March 4, 2024 | Sam Rainer

          Matthew records several stories of Jesus healing people physically in chapters eight and nine. Crowds followed Jesus, in part, because He could heal. Many brought loved ones to Jesus for this reason. But these stories have a clear connection between the physical and spiritual. Faith is the connecting point. Jesus calms a storm and casts out demons to reveal His divine power. The man with leprosy, the centurion, the paralyzed man, Jairus’ daughter, the woman with the blood disorder, the blind men—all had faith. The purpose of Matthew 8 and 9 is straightforward. Faith is the core of these stories.

Do you remember this point from last week? Faith is confidence Jesus heals the whole personThis theme continues from Matthew 8 and into Matthew 9. Can Jesus heal your physical problems? Yes. But the point of these stories in Matthew is your complete healing—physical and spiritual. Why do we have to go through physical, emotional, and spiritual pain? Christianity is different from other religions. We don’t seek out suffering, but we don’t avoid it either. If you believe that this physical life is it, that there is nothing beyond our lives, then suffering is something to avoid at all costs, because everything must be as good as it can be right now. But if Christ has redeemed us through suffering on the cross and gives life through His resurrection, and if the gospel is true, then suffering has a point.

If there is a point to suffering, then it must take you somewhere. Suffering makes your faith useful. Without suffering, you can’t be empathetic and will not likely be strong. Trials bring freedom. Through suffering, you know how to live without things. A person who has never suffered is shallow.  Consider the sufferings of Christ. He was completely innocent. He was completely cut off. Why? For us. For you. Jesus’ suffering defeated evil once and for all. Can Jesus heal you? The cross and the empty tomb prove He can. Completely.