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One Thing Angels Cannot Do

December 11, 2023 | Sam Rainer

The Great Commission is one of God’s primary commands. It’s something the angels can’t do. The angels cannot evangelize. They can’t share their faith like we can because they are not redeemed like we are.  The angels rejoice over salvation. They testify to the holiness and greatness of Jesus. But the church is Plan A for reaching the nations. There is no Plan B. God has tasked us, not angels, to take His message to the world. If we believe God is worthy, we’ll obey his command to go to our neighbors and the nations immediately.

God created two groups of moral creatures: humanity and angels. When Satan wanted to become God, there was a choice: obey God or not. When many of the angels sinned, they were immediately judged. None of the sinning angels were redeemed. But every person has sinned, too. We’ve all disobeyed. What about our redemption? This time, God had a different plan.  If God offered redemption to one person, it would have been merciful. If God chose to save one hundred, it would have been an incredible demonstration of grace. Praise Jesus, salvation is
offered to all!

The angels announce in Luke 2 that Jesus’ good news is great joy for all people. Salvation is for anyone who believes in Jesus—the cross, the empty tomb, and the resurrection. Eternal life! This is God’s love. It’s real. Notice what Luke records in his gospel.

“In the same way, there is joy in the presence of God’s angels when even one sinner repents.” – Luke 15:10 (NLT)

If you don’t know Jesus, the angels are pulling for you to accept Him. They’re waiting to rejoice. They celebrate everyone’s decision to follow Christ. A heavenly chorus erupts every time someone accepts Jesus. Merry Christmas!