Join Erin Rainer as she walks our women’s group through the book of Ephesians and explores the diversity of God’s kingdom, our unity in Christ, and how the mystery of the gospel magnifies the glory of Christ

ROOM 316

Launching January 25

Join Jeff Spanos he takes us through this Ray VanderLaan study which helps the Bible come alive as you hear in-depth teaching through videos shot on location. Come see how the land and culture of the time can help give deeper meaning to familiar Bible stories

ROOM 130

Join Sam Rainer as we cover questions around Heaven, our future life with God, and what that means for living today.


Join Jack May as he leads us through a study on eternity and provides a glimpse into wrath, sin, and eternal destinations.

ROOM 317

Parenting Middle and High School kids is hard! It’s also NOT something God designed for us to do alone. Ed and Terry Hawks with Jonathon and Gwen Jankovich will be leading this special group for parents of students in grades 6-12th. They will be looking at what Scripture says about the daily struggles and joys of parenting well through this stage of life.

ROOM 318

Join David Mohler for a study on the book of Romans. The book of Romans is considered by many to be one of the most important books ever written on the Christian faith. Writing to Christians, the apostle Paul defines the gospel, explores its depths, and discusses its significance and implications for the Christian life.

ROOM 305

Elizabeth Heisey leads this Bible study and fellowship for adults with developmental disabilities. This is a great opportunity for adults with special learning needs to explore the Bible in a supportive group with individualized instruction.