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Belize Family & Central Asia Trips 2023

March 6, 2023

Two teams, two countries, one mission: Share the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Over the next two weeks, we have the Belize Family and Central Asia teams flying out. They are going to two very different countries, but the Kingdom of God is motivating both trips.

Belize Family Trip

The team will work with our mission partner in Belize, Kidz Konnect 4 Jesus. They will work with kids from a partner school, running a multi-day VBS. This is an exciting opportunity as this is a new school Kidz Konnect 4 Jesus has just begun working with. The team will also have a chance to encourage and pray with teachers and administrators at the school.

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Kidz Konnect 4 Jesus

This special trip allows families to serve together with kids seven and older. It also provides an awesome opportunity for kids and students to see what God is doing among the nations.


Central Asia Trip

The team will work alongside a mission partner to engage people from an unreached people group. They will be distributing digital Scripture and other resources. Team members will be paired with native speakers to have spiritual conversations with interested people.

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Unreached People Groups

This is a unique trip for our church where the team can share with people from an unreached people group, many of whom have never heard the gospel before.


Join us in praying!

PRAY for the Belize Family team, as this will be the first mission trip for several team members.

PRAY for the kids and teachers at the new school the Belize team will minister at this year.

PRAY God will lead the Central Asia team to conversations with the right people who are ready to hear.

PRAY the Central Asia team will meet many people from this unreached people group.


GO on a short-term mission trip

Do you want to learn more about sharing the gospel with Muslims/Hindus AND have the chance to have a gospel conversation with someone from an unreached people group without having to leave the US? We have two mission trips running this summer that will do just that! If you want more information about our New York City or Washington, DC trips with Global Gates, sign-up below:

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