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Youth For Christ

April 28, 2023

Youth For Christ is a partnership that keeps growing as we join together to impact more and more areas. Their mission is to reach and disciple young people with the gospel, often working with kids from difficult backgrounds. Youth for Christ has chapters across the United States with ministries such as City Life, Juvenile Justice Ministry, Parent Life, YFC Camp, and more. The Suncoast chapter operates in our area and has been serving young people since 1955.

We are grateful to serve alongside Youth For Christ and would love to share more about what they are doing!

City life

City Life is a relational, holistic, community-based ministry that serves under-resourced neighborhoods by developing young people into emerging leaders who lead where they live. Young people from these communities are less likely to meet Jesus through traditional outreach models. Most face significant challenges including violence, homelessness, fatherlessness, abuse, neglect, and addiction. Youth For Christ seeks to be a steady voice and presence in the lives of these young people and their communities.

As part of this ministry, Suncoast Youth For Christ has the 180 House in Bradenton. Through the 180 House, they provide a safe place where teens can hang out with friends, have fun, and experience the love of Jesus through authentic, Christ-sharing relationships with caring adults. Our church has been able to partner with Youth for Christ to offer a summer Bible Study with teens in the 180 House.

Juvenile Justice Ministry

On any given year in the US there are over 740,000 teens referred to the juvenile justice system, some of whom will be confined to a corrections facility, detention center, or probation. During these moments of crisis, our young people are most open to uncovering God’s story of hope in their lives.

The Juvenile Justice Ministry exists to create a faith-based continuity of care model geared toward fostering holistic connection and secure relationships with young people during any point of contact with the juvenile justice system.  They build relationships that are sustained through ongoing involvement as young people navigate the different pillars encompassing the juvenile justice system.

Campus life

Middle and high school can be rough! Young people are being shaped during this time filled with pivotal moments. Campus Life leaders build relationships with young people to introduce them to Christ. They are committed to helping young people navigate the pivotal years of middle and high school, uncovering God’s story of hope in their lives.

Suncoast Youth For Christ is connected to five local middle and high schools in Manatee and Sarasota Counties. Through this ministry, they are able to provide weekly clubs where they can create a fun and safe environment for young people to find answers to the challenges they face every day. Campus Life staff and local volunteers can meet with students on their school campus to build these relationships weekly.


Serve Youth For Christ – Bible Study!

As part of the Serve the Neighborhood emphasis, we are asking everyone in our church to step up and serve one of our mission partners. With Youth For Christ, this year we are asking people to volunteer to serve young people connected to Youth For Christ through a summer Bible study. We need volunteers to help with transportation, set-up and preparation, prayer, leading group discussion, and being there to support and listen to these teens.

Sign-up below to serve on Monday nights from May 22 to July 31. If you can’t make it every Monday night, that’s okay!

to serve!