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Belize Men’s Trip 2024 **Update**

February 4, 2024

The team is almost back! The team returns from Belize Sunday night after a great few days with our mission partner, Kidz Konnect for Jesus. This trip to Belize is one of our longest-standing trips and is an important part of our global work. Men’s trips like this enable us to help with the practical needs of the ministry to ensure the local team can continue to focus on effective discipleship. However, men’s trips like these also allow our team to engage in discipleship as they work alongside and share with local Belizeans.

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One of the main projects our team worked with Kidz Konnect 4 Jesus on this week was to help build bathrooms on the building their local church plant uses. They were also able to help with plumbing issues, install new security lights and help sort and organize donations. We are grateful for your prayers for the team and want to share some stories from the trip!


Pictures share stories.

Teri Evangelista-Hawks was in charge of taking pictures of the team working because none of the guys would remember! One of the times she was taking pictures, a younger Belizean looked at her curiously, and she was able to tell him that the pictures she was taking would be shared with our church to serve as a reminder and encouragement that God has given each of us abilities that we should use to serve others. Later in the day, another team member saw the young man taking pictures of the people working and telling them how everyone is needed.


Kids are tough on screens.

The team worked on several projects related to the church Kidz Konnect 4 Jesus planted. God is drawing lots of new people to the church and this growth means the building is expanding! The team helped build the framework for two new bathrooms to be added. They also replaced screens in each of the windows. The existing screens were pretty busted up. However, it wasn’t bad weather that caused the damage, it was the 35-40 kids who are excited to come to the church every week! Replacing screens is well worth it when it means those kids can come and have a lot of fun while they hear the gospel every week.

Three Generations on mission.

One of the things that made this team unique was the presence of three generations in one family. Lee, Louise, and Weston were all able to come to serve together in a beautiful picture of generational faithfulness. Weston didn’t hesitate to jump right in and serve alongside everyone else. One of the days, Weston got to visit “Momma T” who shared with him the importance of holding onto Christ. Before they left, Momma T took the time to lovingly pray over Weston.

Thank you!

Thank you for being willing to give and pray for missions at West Bradenton! You make trips and partnerships like this possible. This team did an awesome job, but there is still more to do.

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