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Central Asia Trip 2024

March 10, 2024

The team is leaving on Saturday! This is one of the most unique and impactful trips that we run. The team will work alongside a mission partner to engage people from an unreached people group. This is a vital work that our church must be engaged in. This unreached people group is made up of families, most of which, have not heard the true gospel. Most will never hear without someone coming in from the outside to tell them.

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Team members will be distributing digital Scripture and other resources. They will be paired with native speakers to have deeper spiritual conversations with interested people. Your prayers are a key part of this trip!


Join us in praying!

PRAY God will lead the team to conversations with the right people who are ready to hear.

PRAY the team will run into many people from this unreached people group.

PRAY all the resources needed for this trip will make it into the country without issue.

PRAY for spiritual fortitude and protection over the team while they are engaged in this work.


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Your support makes trips and partnerships like this possible. If you want to support this type of work, please consider giving or going with us!

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